Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying:


Great Alternative to Diaper Pails – Donna L., new mom of 2 month old from Los Angeles

We use these for potty diapers. Then we place them in a lid-covered trash can with stick on air freshener. Never smell a thing and it’s so cheap. They’re also great for your diaper bag. Definitely worth it. I can’t live without them.

These Bags Solve all the “Smelly” Problems – Fresh Sack Shopper from Arlington VA

Great alternative to a costly diaper disposal, no smell, can throw them right into the regular trash bin. LOVE THEM!!

Good for Cloth Diapers Too – Lisa, mother of 7-wk old from NJ

These are perfect for bring soiled cloth diapers home. They really do neutralize the odor and the plastic pack fits into even the smallest diaper bag.

Totally Satisfied – Austin’s mom from Homeland, CA

This is the easiest thing ever! You just put the stinky diaper in the little sac and tie it up and DONE! No more smell! It doesn’t take up any extra room in the nursery and it’s not messy like some of the other ones you have to stick you arm into (GROSS!) The sacs actually smell nice and best of all – They actually work! And did I mention they are totally cost effective? I highly recommend.

There is virtually no odor!! – Holly from Maitland, FL

I take my dogs to the park regularly. It takes a lot of stress off of my shoulders to know that Fresh Sacks are available should I need them. I have never had to deal with the unfortunate consequences of a hole in the bag. They are extremely dependable. To top it off the odor neutralizing capabilities are amazing! Whenever near a canister of used Fresh Sacks, there is virtually no odor!! Thank you Fresh Sacks for making the Dog Park that much better.